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Quality and our warranty

10-year warranty

We guarantee the robustness of our relays, even in tough conditions. Almost all our relays come with a 10-year warranty that covers the cost of a faulty relay and delivery costs. The only requirements are that the relay has been properly chosen and used. In the event of a warranty claim, we will investigate the cause of the failure of the relay. You will find individual warranty details for each product on the product data sheet.


100 % performance

The reliability of Delcon relays comes from careful design. Manufacturing guided by our quality system produces relays of consistent quality, with each one going through several testing stages.

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Delcon has an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system.

Approvals and certifications

Our I/O relays fulfil the requirements of the EMC Directive (2004/108/EC). Exceptions are stated in the product specifications, which are updated as necessary.

Our I/O relays and mounting bases also fulfil the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC).

UL certificate: E162828

Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
Class I, Zone 2, IIC
UL-certificate: E332493


II 3 G Ex nA IIC Gc
Certificate: DEMKO 13 ATEX 1041005U
Declaration of conformity:


Ex nA IIC Gc
Certificate: IECEx ULD 13.0006U
See: (select Certificates & Lic., select View Certificates & Licences, select Certified Equipment, Free text search: delcon).

Certificate for Russian, Armenian, Kazakhstan and Belarussian market: EAC certificate