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Machine Building


Solving is specialized in the design and manufacture of heavy load handling systems. Solving products range from simple hand-controlled devices to highly sophisticated automated handling systems using both air bearings and wheels. Solving's material handling systems can be designed to cover almost any load, regardless of size, weight or movement frequency.

Main selection reasons
  • Switching capability of DC-loads
  • Switching capability of inductive loads
  • Relatively small physical size of the relay

AGVs are driverless Vehicles designed for repetitive, continuous, safe and accurate materials handling. Solving AGVs are used in a variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, heavy machines, paper and printing, and even shipbuilding.

As an example Delcon relays are implemented in Solving AGVs for a mine car maintenance process. Delcon was chosen to be used in this application because of the relatively small size of the relay and that the chosen models are designed to handle difficult DC-loads and inductive loads.